Church Re-Opening Information

Posted on Fri, May 7, 2021:

Dear Community Bible Fellowship Family,


Under the leadership of our Senior Pastor, we have created plans to allow us to have a safe re-
opening.  At this time, the planned return is scheduled for May 16th, so we think it is important
to communicate with you about our progress. Church Service will begin with Praise &
Worship at 11:10 and the Morning Sermon at 11:30.

We are sharing the changes we are making around the facilities to create an environment in
which our members and visitors can feel relatively safe while worshiping.

First Priority: We realize that not everyone will be able to return when we reopen. Therefore, we
will continue working hard to improve our ability to stream a reliable and quality worship

Second Priority: The team has taken on the task of updating our church so that it conforms to
government standards and reduces the hazards of meeting in person. These include:

Protocols for Worship:

Hopefully, this information will help put you at ease about returning once we reopen. We will
continue to discuss and communicate any changes to this protocol as it relates to our Worship

As always, we solicit your prayers.

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