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Community Bible Fellowship of Aberdeen Community Bible Fellowship of Aberdeen

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  • A Proposed Mission Statement:
    “To improve the lives of young people and enable them to become better students and better citizens, by creating team mentoring relationships between Matawan-Aberdeen children and qualified adult volunteers.”
    We anticipate that the overall program will include the following:
    · Mentoring
    · Tutoring (with paid and qualified teachers and qualified volunteers)
    · Community Outreach Services
    · Sport & Recreation
    · Job/Life skills and Character Development
    · Access to technology
    Responsible mentoring can occur in any of the following forms:
    · Traditional mentoring:One adult to one young person
    · Group mentoring:One adult to up to four young people
    · Team mentoring:Several adults working with small groups of young people in which the adult to-youth ratio is not greater than 1:4.
    · Peer mentoring:Caring youth mentoring other youth
    · E-mentoring:Mentoring via e-mail and the Internet.
    Our anticipated type of mentoring is the Team Mentoring approach:
    This proposed team mentoring model incorporates a more intentional effort to exert a positive influence on a child’s personal and academic successes. The activities between the mentor and the mentee will be determined jointly by the partnership and the mentor (the school may provide an activity guide to mentors). In this type of program, mentors help youth with class work and/or special projects on a regular basis, at an approved place. The mentoring pairs will read together, do homework, talk about being successful in school, and so on. This type of academically focused mentoring program is different from a program focused strictly on tutoring or reading. The academically focused mentoring program will put more emphasis on building a relationship between a mentor and a mentee. It will also give mentors more flexibility to spend time talking with their mentees about both academic and nonacademic issues. There will be a mentoring component that provides mentor training to adult volunteers.
    Mentors will also help youth develop the skills they need to get a job and succeed in the workplace. Youth will learn skills, such as how to prepare a resumé, manage time and resolve workplace conflicts.
    It is anticipated that initially the program would be established for 2-3 days per week, between the “danger zone” hours of 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. This is the time that law enforcement officials say is the prime time for kids to get into trouble. It has been said that “Kids with nowhere to go, end up…going nowhere” and that “Three hours can change a life.” This program, planned and implemented well, can change lives.
    All programs would be held in School or approved faith-based facilities and would provide a safe haven for participants. The pilot program would be held at Community Bible Fellowship Church, located at 268 Cliffwood Avenue in Aberdeen, New Jersey.
    Goals for the tutoring program would include the following:
    · Increase academic achievement for all participating children
    · Close the achievement gap
    · Provide each participant with a healthy, safe and secure learning environment
    · Assist the School District with providing students with a high quality and consistent education
    · Meet diverse student and parent needs to keep children in school