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Community Bible Fellowship of Aberdeen Community Bible Fellowship of Aberdeen

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      Jan 21, 2018
      CBF Livestream
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      Fri Dec 21  · 7pm
      Young Adult Ministry
      Fri Dec 28  · 7pm
      Young Adult Ministry
      Fri Jan 04  · 7pm
      Young Adult Ministry
      Fri Jan 11  · 7pm
      Young Adult Ministry
      Fri Jan 18  · 7pm
      Young Adult Ministry
      Fri Jan 25  · 7pm
      Young Adult Ministry
      Fri Feb 01  · 7pm
      Young Adult Ministry
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      Main Sanctuary
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      Keran Boateng (He Will Pick You Up)
      Prayer (Richard Tisdale)
      If God Could Use A Murderer Like Moses (Acts 7:20-25)
      Are You Living Like An Owner Or Are You Living Like A Steward)
      Cicely Underwood (All I Want To Do Is Bless Your Name)
      Being A Leader & Following A Leader (Nehemiah 5:14-19)
      Maxine Clemons (We Need A Word From The Lord)
      A Friend You Want Find On Facebook (Exodus 33:12-18)
      Barbara Simms & Karen Boateng (Great Is Your Mercy)
      Cicely Underwood (He Done So Much Of Me)
      If God Could Take A Persecutor Like Saul (Acts 9:1-19 Part 2)
      If God Could Take A Persecutor Like Soul (Acts 9:1-19 Part 1)
      Qualification Of Elder (Elder Leon Holme Ordination Services)
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      Elder Richard Tisdale - May 28, 8:36am:
      Welcome to the chat wall!
      Elder Richard Tisdale - Jan 1, 10:14pm:
      Happy New Year to all .......
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